Are you looking for party favors for your little one's up and coming party function?

Artventure with Sarah presents to you

Customize Party Favors

Using a well cooked , non-sticky homemade play dough.

Play dough ingredients: 

  •  Flour, Salt, Oil, Water, Cream of Tartar, Glycerin, & Food Coloring
  • ​This product is non toxic

Here are just some play dough party favors for you to view

These party favors are just too cute, adorable and irresistible to be missed!

All our party favors are unique in their own way and will definitely put a smile on the little ones.

We could custom and design to suit any party theme base on your budget. 

Drop us a Whatapps and we would love to have a chat with you and share with you our ideas too.

Here are our amazing play dough kits feedback from our lovely customers

"Free Screen time for 3 hours!"

My husband was away for a business trip. I didn't know what to do with my 3 boys at home so I got the Ocean Kit for them. To my surprised it kept them occupied for 3 hours. It's so amazing! 

- Grace C.

"Enhanced her fine motor skills"

My child has been playing with these kits since 18 months old. And her motor skill is so good! She could hold the pencil correctly and at the age of 2 she could eat with chop sticks. I truly believe It's from the sensory play that enhanced her motor skills.
- Kristina N

"Love it!!"

I bought the birthday theme play dough kit for my niece whom is 2 years old. She played for more than an hour by her self. She simply loves it and asked for more the next day! 

- Kiran G.

"Hassle Free!"

We bought it for our little girl during CNY on our trip back to our hometown. I didn't had time to prepare her with any activities and we didn't want to feed her too much on gadgets. And this kit came it handy. It kept her occupied for hours. Making our trip so blissful. 

- Amanda W.